Wednesday, August 26, 2015

MOM Miniatures Revieuw 4 : Last Dwarf Warriors finished !

Today I finished the last 10 MOM Miniatures Dwarf Warriors ( with axes ).
I've painted them in the same color-scheme as the rest ( hammers ).
Now the entire group is finished , 20 MOM Miniatures with hammers and axes.
They look great and are a good alternative for the Expensive brands like GamesWorkshop , ...
And if you're good with greenstuff  ( I'm not ) You can create an entire army of these fella's for a fraction of the price. And of course MOM Miniatures will keep releasing great miniatures like these great looking Dwarf Warriors
See them all at MOM Miniatures !
MOM Dwarf Regiment 20 miniatures
And with this group I reached my second paint goal for this year : 210 miniatures and still 4 months to go. So the third and last paint goal for this year will be 250 miniatures.
Painted : 212 / 210
Painted : 212 / 250
On an other note I welcome my new followers ! Thanks for following !
I'don't know exactly how many ( as they come and go ) but a big welcome to you all !

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