Sunday, August 16, 2015

Age of Sigmar : Khorne Khorgorath WIP

Today I started on the Khorgorath.
I didn't want to paint a giant red thing , but an awesome beast with red armour ( Blood Warrior style ) & red details ( Khorne symbol ).
I picked blue for the Khorgorath's skin as I found a picture of a Khorne army ( all red ) with 1 blue Mutalith Vortex Beast. And I loved the contrast + I already have blue in my other Chaos regiments. 

Skin is done with the airbrush + glaze. For the rest just basic colors with washes and first layer on the red.
As always your comments are of great value ! So what do you think of it so far ?


  1. That is an impressive model and wonderful progress so far.


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