Friday, August 7, 2015

Age of Sigmar : Prosecutor 2 finished !

Today I finished the second Prosecutor. This one is the same one ( same pose ) as the first one , except the first one is converted with lightning swords and this one is the original from the Age of Sigmar box.
Only 1 left and the Stormcast Eternals from the age of Sigmar box are finished !
But more are bought and ready to get some paint. See them in the next 'Paint Table Saturday'.
Painted : 194 / 210


  1. That's another great paint job, Mario.
    Are you going to paint all of the Stormcast troops before starting on the Chaos forces?

    1. Thank you very much Roy ! The Stormcast Eternals from the Age of Sigmar box are almost done. Just 1 more to go and then I will take a ( little ) break from them to paint something else. But I do not know what yet. Could be anything even Chaos ... :) Greetings

  2. Wo, that is seriously impressive brushwork.

    1. Thank you very much Michael !


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