Saturday, April 7, 2018

Tau Transformers : Skyfire , Hound & Rumble / Frenzy

 I had this idea for a long time and now I found the perfect decals to realize my project.
I've grown up with the 1980 series ( generation 1 ) and loved Transformers ever since.
 Skyfire ( autobot )
I used a Sun Shark Bomber to make the vehicle version of Skyfire ( they do not all need to be in robot form )
 Hound ( autobot )
I used a XV8 battlesuit for the robot form of Hound.
 Rumble / Frenzy ( decepticon )
I used an XV88 Broadside battlesuit for Rumble. I've painted this broadside in 2015 with the idea of starting a new army in this color scheme , but it never got further than this one. It never looked right to me. So now I transformed it into Rumble with a few modifications and now I really love it. 
Painted in 2018 : 60


  1. This is brilliant, Mario. A really cool idea and you've made them look great.

    You should have a look at the Forgotten Heroes blog

    As there's a chap on there who makes Transformer models for the June blogger event and Transformers would fit right in to the group paint up.

    1. Thank you very very much Roy ! & thanks for the link.


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