Sunday, July 9, 2017

Super Dungeon Explore : Angry Bear finished !

 The newest addition to the team : Angry Bear !
I really like how he turned out. I used some NMM gold on him and removed his gem and replaced it with a Purple Rhinestone.(little experiment) And it looks great...

These are so much fun to paint as they're all individuals and not bound by any color-scheme.
Just fun with colors and whatever shoots through my mind...

Painted so far : 137


  1. He looks a bit like he's made from chocolate 😁.
    Excellent brushwork!

  2. Woo hoo ... I see someone has been bitten by the SDE bug ^_^
    Good work Mario ... looking forward to your future SDE minis.

    1. Oh yes and thanks for the Google+ invite ... already accepted ^_^

    2. Thank you very much ! Yes and I hope I can keep the momentum going... So many things to paint here...
      You're welcome !


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