Sunday, July 16, 2017

Paint Table Saturday 193th edition !

Paint Table Saturday 193th edition !
 Welcome to paint table 193 !
So , still working on Super Dungeon Explore mini's. 4 Pets from the SDE Forgotten King and the Viking / Dwarf from the original SDE set. They're all finished , only varnish needed + some flock.
Little progress on the Seraphon Skink priest.
And no progress on the other models. My preference goes to SDE models at the moment.

This was it for this week , see you next week for another episode of Paint Table Saturday !


  1. Oh sweet Odin, a lot of great minis tgere!

  2. Seems like you don't get a chance to rest yet 😉.

    1. Oh , I better not rest as I'm a bit behind on my painting ... +/- 1500 miniatures :)


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