Thursday, July 27, 2017

Paint Table Saturday 195th edition part 1 !

 Welcome to paint table 195 part 1 !
After finishing all models on the table , I prepared some miniatures that I want to paint for quite some time... And after these bunch , I concluded that I didn't do half the mini's than that I would like. Also on my list are : Stormcast Eternals , 40k Dark Imperium mini's & The Horus Heresy models , and the list goes on and on.... I'm going to prepare some more , but no more than 20 ( I think ). And then there's no excuse for not painting anything ( like I do sometimes ) , because there are so many different things on the table that I just have to paint.
What do you think ? Good strategy ?
 First up Urruks : Maw - Krusha , Weirdnob Shaman , a Gore - Grunta and some Ardboys.
 Witch Elves & Swordmasters.
 Seraphon Saurus Warriors.
Fyreslayers Characters.
 Gyrocopter from Norba miniatures & Bretonnian Archers.
And some new mini's from Ninja All Stars ( early birthday present ).
These are from the KITSUNE Clan.

That's it for now... see you all Saturday for part 2 of Paint Table Saturday 195th edition !
Paint Table Saturday 195th edition part 1 !


  1. Replies
    1. Yes I know. They all look fantastic , all +/- 190 mini's of the set.

  2. You jump armies and games fast 😮.
    I like what's on your painting table though.

    1. Yes , keeping it interesting. And I'm very fast tired of painting the same theme.
      Thanks ... more on Saturday !


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