Saturday, November 14, 2015

Super Dungeon Explore - Forgotten King Review part 2 ( The miniatures ) : A Squirrels

I've started painting on the miniatures of Super Dungeon Explore - Forgotten King ! 
I'm going to try to paint some of these fella's every month and so keep adding to the review.
These are painted by airbrush and details by brush.
These are super fun to paint and I had lots of fun with them. ( they almost made me start another group of Forgotten King mini's , but first some commission work ! )
I chose for 2 different , 2 toned color-schemes , just to mix it up a bit.
They're also varnished with matt varnish which adds the shine of the flash.
I did so for playing ( of course ).
 Because of the details you get a great looking miniature.

Get your Super Dungeon Explore - Forgotten King box at Soda Pop Miniatures or at your local gaming shop ( Oberonn ) and start painting and playing !

Painted : 257 / 250

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