Saturday, January 4, 2014

Paint Table Saturday 9th edition

Paint table Saturday time again !
9th edition !

Today i have reorganized my paint table like you see on the pictures.
My wife Sofie wanted a airbrush pistol of her own & i didn't want to get a second compressor.
So i changed the layout of my table so the compressor is accessible for the two of us.  

I also got a new airbrush pistol for me : The Renegade Krome airbrush.
I'm currently working on the next 6 Dwarf warriors. I only managed to paint the faces. 
So progress is little. 
I wish money grew on trees so i didn't have to work and had the time to paint more !

Don't hesitate to join the Paint Table Saturday and share what you are doing or painting. Or just show how your paint table is looking. Anything goes ! 
Join the fun ! 

I also welcome a new follower :
Grupo Afternoon from


  1. Yes more dwarves in 2014! Happy New Year Mario!


    1. Thanks Peter & a Happy New Year to you too !
      Yes there will be more Dwarfs in 2014 ... I'm planning to make 15 more Dwarf Berserkers , at least 8 Dwarf Miners & a second group of thunderers or Quarrellers or both ...

      Greetings , Mario


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