Saturday, November 7, 2015

Paint Table Saturday 105th edition ! At Crisis 2015 !

Paint Table Saturday 105th edition ! At crisis 2015 !
Today my wife and I went to Crisis 2015 at Antwerp ( Belgium ).
We had a great day with lots of fun and great miniature games and models to watch.
Here are some pictures to give you all a little taste of Crisis !

Me with the loot-bag on wheels and my wife Sofie with some Warhammer 40k characters.
And now a look at the loot :
Some Scibor Dwarf stuff : 5 Bears for some Dwarf cavalry and lots of different dwarfs. ( between 60% and 90% off ! What a deal ! )
Lots and lots of movement trays and magnet sheets.
 2 Avatars of War Dwarfs that were on my wishlist , a second Vanja and a brand new case of 'Game Color' paints and black & white for the airbrush.

 Everybody got a gift bag with a magazine ' Crisis Gazette' , a random sprue from Warlord games , some bases , a Jean Baptiste Decoster miniature and a key-chain & straightedge.
This was another great edition ( & expensive )  of Crisis !
I hope you all have a great  weekend !


  1. Excellent photos Mario. Thank you for sharing them :)

    Crisis looks a really great show, with a good mix of games and traders and modellers. It was nice to see so many different types of fantasy, science fiction, historical and military modelling traders and display pieces.

    1. Thank you very much Roy ! And your welcome !
      Since I've discovered it three years ago , it's my one event I don't want to miss !

  2. Hola Amigo
    ""QUE ENVIDIA"" pero sana jajajaja
    que pasada de sitio
    GRACIAS por el reportaje fotográfico
    un saludo

  3. Lovely pictures here and at the wifes blog!

  4. It was a great day indeed!! Lovely pictures!! :-)

  5. That's indeed a great set of pictures Mario. Looks like you had a blast capturing all those shots on camera. Thanks for sharing. :)

  6. It was a great day indeed! And it was a pleasure to meet both of you again!

    Thanks for sharing the pictures!


    1. Yes Peter it was. And it was a great pleasure to see you again !
      Your welcome !


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