Friday, October 9, 2015

Pegaso models : Nokjagerin finished !

Nokjagerin !
Something completely different than painting warhammer or Avatars of war or .... etc ....
It was the first female I bought , but not the last. Also the first and only 75mm model I own , that's a thing to remedy. 
I really dreaded the thought of painting this model as I was not familiar with painting female skin and my paint level was not as high as it is now.
I even got help from Captain Lol ( follow the link to his blog )
He made a tutorial to help me. Thank you very much for that !
But that still wasn't enough to set aside my fears and start painting.
Now 2 years later I suddenly felt the urge to try to paint this model.
And the result is very satisfying for me.
But don't believe me and judge for yourself !
 I used the airbrush for the skin , cloak and troll head.

I was playing with the thought of entering a painting contest on events like KMK Scaleworld , Model Force or Belgian Scale Modellers Convention ...
What do you think ? Do I have a chance of winning ?

Painted : 243 / 250


  1. Nokjagerin, you're splendid...a little bit fierce to my taste, but this monster has certainly earned it!
    Great job!

  2. Very nicely done, Mario
    I am very jealous, as I just know I could not paint a model that size

  3. Hola Amigo
    Buena pieza nos as echo si señor
    un saludo


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