Saturday, October 17, 2015

Paint Table Saturday 102th edition !

Paint Table Saturday 102th edition !
'Bombs are great' 'Death from above !'
Today I finished the Dwarf Gyrocopter. 
This one is the smaller one with some side bombs.
I made this one the same 2 tones as the other one , just swapped purple for the green.

I also made an alternate base with some trees and cork that I wanted to use but I didn't have an idea for what. Now I do. I didn't want to use 2 exactly the same bases.
I could have done so as this one is a grey base and the other one is a brown base.
And so now the Iron hills army ( grey bases ) has it's own Gyrocopter.

For the rest , the paint table is empty at the moment.
I have a sprained wrist ( work injury ) and painting is difficult at the moment , but that might not stop me ...

Painted : 244 / 250


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