Saturday, October 3, 2015

Paint Table Saturday 100th edition !

Paint Table Saturday 100th edition !
After the Dwarf Doomcrushers the paint table was empty, yet again.
So I filled it today with some scenery from the Age of Sigmar line : Ophidian Archway.
It was hell to fit and glue this thing together. It didn't fit properly, huge gaps , a bit crooked , etc...
When it finally was finished and the glue dried , I primed it black. Then I airbrushed it with 2 different shades of grey and painted the dragon in Balthasar Gold. Washed it with Agrax Earthshade.
Next step is to drybrush the stone with Terminatus Stone and the gold with Necron compound.
You can see the finished piece in the next post.
I also made some army pictures of the Age of Sigmar army's : Stormcast Eternals & Khorne ( together with my other Chaos troops ), so far  ...

Stormcast eternals :
Lord Celestant ( mounted )
Lord Relictor
3 Prosecutors
3 Retributors
5 Judicators
11 Liberators
Lord Castelant with Gryphon
Lord Celestant

Khorne :
5 Blood Warriors
10 Bloodreavers


  1. Those two armies look great

  2. Hi, i stumbled across your blog by looking for pictures of the archway. It helped kill a few mins of my time looking at all your awesome painting! One day you think you have seen all the good blogs online and then you find a new one!



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