Thursday, October 1, 2015

Avatars of War : Doomcrushers review ( part 3 )

Here's the third and final part of the Doomcrushers review.
I had to finish 5 more Doomcrushers to finish the first group of 10 Doomcrushers as I finished the other 5 a while back. Things kept getting between me and finishing this group.
But they're finished now and here they are !
I had a lot of fun painting these fella's !
And the result is very rewarding.
 The standard-bearer
 The musician
 The complete group of 10 miniatures are done with full command ( Champion , Standard-bearer and musician ).
Lets smash m good ! If it aint a  Dwarf kill it ! ! !
 I really love these guys ! So much character !
Fantastic miniatures and a must for any Dwarf army !

Get yours at Avatars of War !

Painted : 241 / 250


  1. Those do look very nice miniatures.
    You've done a great job painting and basing them, and I like the movement tray

  2. Super stuff Mario. Overall colour scheme for all the minis is good and works.

  3. Hola AMIGO
    magníficos enanos,buenas minis
    un saludo


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