Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Avatar of War Doomcrushers Review ( Part 2 )

Here is the second part of the review with the painted model.
As so many of you wanted to see a painted version of these models, I pushed aside other projects to finish this one. And in record time I finished the model ( +/- 2 hours )! And I wasn't even in a hurry , I did some other stuff when I was waiting for the washes to dry... And now this one is finished I'm so tempted and anxious to start the rest of these bunch. Even the current projects on my paint table seem not to interest me anymore.
 And a comparison picture with other miniatures. 
From left to right : Mantic Ironclad , GW Hammerer , Avatar of war Doomcrusher , Spellcrow Dwarf female , Reaper Dwarf female and Avatar of war Beserker.
 5 Painting and time spent painting : 11 / 10
A +1 for the magnet space in the base. Very handy ! 
6 Addictive ! ( for me ) 11 / 10

Here is the link to the site of Avatar of War  to claim your own !
 Painted : 127 / 150


  1. Hola
    Buenas muy buenas esas minis
    y me gusta la foto en familia jajaja
    un saludo

  2. Very nice job, great details as always Mario!


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