Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Avatar of War Doomcrushers Review ( part 1 )

 Today I received my order from Avatar of War : Doomcrusher Dwarfs !
These look fantastic and are a great addition to my army / Hammerers.
This was a preorder deal with 30 miniatures and a free miniature ( Veteran / Champion ) for only 35 euro !
 Here you see a summary of parts for 1 group of 10 Doomcrushers. And the second picture you see everything that was in the box.
 This is the free model. A metal Champion.
 And I prepared a test model.
Removed the surplus , there is almost no work on this. I spent no more than 2 minutes cleaning and then 5 minutes of gluing the parts together.
And then primed it white and ready to paint.

So my findings :
1 Price : +/- 1 euro per model : 10 / 10
2 Look : They look fantastic ! : 10 / 10
3 Quality of the resin : For me superb ! : 10 / 10
4 Cleaning of the miniature : very fast : 10 / 10

See in the next part of the review the painted miniature.

Avatar of War Doomcrushers ( Part 2 )


  1. Replies
    1. Yes they are ! You will see it better with the painted model.
      They are a great choice if you like Dwarfs !

  2. Yes ! I'm waiting for the painted figures !
    ("Dwarfs" or "Dwarves" ? I usually use "Dwarves", but maybe both are correct?)

    1. I'll try to finish it Tomorrow. So a little more patience ...

  3. Thanks for the review, Mario. Those little guys look pretty damned good, and at a better price than some other models out there on the market, if you take my meaning(TM)!

    Looking forward to seeing them all assembled and painted up!

    1. You're welcome ! And yes they look fantastic. And the price is more than fantastic. Games Workshop should follow the example of these companies ( MOM , Avatar of war ). Not boxes of only 10 mini's for 40 euro's. Now I have 3 times as much mini's for less ! How great is that.

      Me too ! Butt that will take a while, I'm afraid. As I am currently working on other projects than Dwarfs.
      Just painting the one for the review. ( for now :) )



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