Saturday, February 10, 2018

Paint Table Saturday 223th edition !

Paint Table Saturday 223th edition !
 Welcome to paint table 223 !
 Still working on the undead. The Skeleton warriors are finished. They just need basing.
The spirits are finished as well. They just need some highlights on the skeletons & basing.
Little progress on the Morghast Archai. Bones only need highlighting and I started on the armor. Gold is base color + wash , the purple is base color only. 

That's it for this weeks episode , see you all next week ! 


  1. Great looking undeads Mario, very impressive!

  2. I like those skeletons. I was going to paint mine over the Winter , but then I switched to Bretonnians.

    1. Thank you very much Sean ! Yes , I should paint those too ( Bretonnians ) , but the pile is getting bigger and so many armies to choose from ...


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