Monday, November 7, 2016

Gael Amazon W.I.P.

 I'm working on the test-model for the Gael Amazons army. (Paint Table Saturday 157)
The model is finished and varnished.
I tried to paint this miniature as best I could and I'm fairly happy with it.
The skin has a dirty look (from combat).
And I painted a non metallic sword blade. (first time)
I really love the color of her hair.
Only the base left to do. I want to do it Dwarfcrypt style with a banner with her name on it.
I never done this before, so lets hope I get it like I want to.
See the Dwarfcrypt blog here to see what I mean !


  1. The colours work really well together, and the skin tone and non-metallic-metal sword blade look great.

    Top work


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