Friday, November 11, 2016

Dwarf army pictures ...

My Dwarf army so far ...
 High King Thorgrim Grudgebearer 
King Belegar Ironhammer 
Queen Helga 
Longbeard on flying War Bull 
Rune (lord) Master
Lord Thane
Freja Fangbreaker 
2 Dwarf girls Leia
Bolt Thrower + crew
Cannon + crew
20 Dwarf Hammerers 
10 Dwarf Irondrakes 
10 Dwarf Ironbreakers 
10 Dwarf Warriors with 2 handed Axes 
 Dwarf Golem
Dwarf Ogre Bulls
2 x Vanja the Giant Dwarf Fire Princess 
Skorg Ironskull Dwarf King 
Dragon Slayer 
Dwarf Twins with Crossbow and sword & Owl and Spear
3 Dwarf Girls ( Scibor ) 
Cannon + crew
20 Dwarf Quarrelers
10 Dwarf Longbeards 
12 Moscal Dwarf Warriors 
Lord with 2 Axes 
Lord with great weapon 
Master Gunner ( Engineer ) 
Rune (lord) Master
 Doomcrushers Veteran Champion 
10 Doomcrushers
5 Doomcrushers on Warbears
5 Pathfinders 
20 MOM Dwarf Warriors
MOM Dwarf Giant 
Lord and Shieldbearers
Dwarf Rune (lord) Master
Borg Ironfist
Beserker with Talons
Beserker Giant
Lord Thane
Dwarf girl Leia
Grimm Burloksson
2 x Cannon + crews
10 Beserkers
20 Thunderers
40 Miners
60 Dwarf Warriors
10 Mantic Dwarf Ironclad Warriors + sleeping Dwarf

And the total is 333 Dwarfs ( without the Fyreslayers : 18 )
Halfway done , I think :) :) :)


  1. Woooooooooow! Awesome collection mate!

  2. Replies
    1. Yes , but only half of what I have. The rest is still unpainted.

  3. This is what we talked about on CRISIS! Impressive army Mario!



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