Sunday, November 6, 2016

Crisis 2016 (Antwerp / Belgium)

Yesterday we went to a new edition of Crisis.
It was yet again a wonderful day with many wonderful things to see & buy.
And also yet again with the same complaints as every year with lots of selfish , non educated persons who try to ruin your fun. But that's luckily a tiny percentage of the crowd.
Overall a great day which I look forward to every year.

Here are some pictures of the event. From painted miniatures to scrap built board games , war-games , etc ... ( Sorry for the small amount of pictures as my camera screwed up all of the close-ups from miniatures )
Painted miniatures for sale.
 Super dungeon explore playing field
 My wife and I.
 And of course the loot !
 Paints, brushes, airbrush attributes, trays and miniatures of course.
 And like every year I buy a few scenery pieces that I like (and can't build myself).
And the free stuff : This year a sprue with ww miniatures, some plastic bases, a metal historic miniature, a TSA (Tin Soldiers of Antwerp) item, a game / rules sheet and like always the layout map & the Crisis Gazette !

The end ... Untill next year !


  1. And meeting other bloggers of course ! It was nice to see and talk to you again Peter !
    See his blog at

    1. Thanks Mario and Sofie! It was a pleasure indeed and we did a great chat! And looking at your next posts I see you finally found some stuff! :-D
      See you both next year again!


  2. Glad to see these pictures, thanks! Great looking Egyptian scenries...

  3. WooooW! Great looking event. Thanks for a photorelation :)

  4. Thanks for sharing Mario.
    I'm seriously considering getting to a Crisis show, some day.

    1. Thanks Roy !
      I hope to see you there one day !


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