Sunday, December 6, 2015

Paint Table Saturday 109th edition !

Paint Table Saturday 109th edition !
 This weeks contribution to Paint Table Saturday is some prep work.
I primed the heroes from Super Dungeon Explore - Forgotten King and they're ready to paint.
I finished the Dwarf Doomcrusher Champion on Warbear ( see him in the next post ! ) and I already converted 2 more Doomcrushers on Warbears. (This will be a group of 5 bears with Doomcrushers )
 I'm very happy with the result of the Doomcrushers on Warbears , but my first feeling was to use rams ( mountain goats , like in the Hobbit 3 with armored Dwarfs with spears ). I've searched the web and stores and came up with only one interesting model from reaper and with one you can't create a group of at least 5. Then I found  an other option on the web , to create my own Dwarf on ram at This is a very nice option , but for me too expensive as I would pay about 16 euro for the Dwarf and another 12 up to 40 euro for the ram. So in total for the cheapest version about 28 euro for only 1 Dwarf Ram-rider. And still only one position the ram is positioned in. I wasn't convinced.
One possible design I made of what I wanted...
I hope you had a great weekend !

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