Thursday, April 23, 2015

MOM Miniatures Review ( part 2 )

I managed to find the time to paint one of the Dwarf Warriors from MOM Miniatures.
I used my usual color-scheme for my Dwarf army with some changes.
Silver and gold for the armor with red for the handle and cloth. Brown for the back (wood ) of the shield. And a ginger-brown for his beard.

I managed to paint him up in a couple of hours. They are really fun to paint and I'm looking forward to begin the rest of the group. ( But first I will resume my current project on my paint table : 7 Chaos Warriors ) And I have no doubt in my mind that I'm going to finish this group of Dwarf Warriors in a record time for me. And there is a special space in the bases for magnets. I only had the 3mm but they are strong enough for these mini's.
So 11 / 10 ( for me ) for painting and time spent / miniature (+1 for the magnet space) !

So now you see how they look and I think when you see the whole group finished, that will be an awesome view !

But see it for yourself at MOM Miniatures !

MOM Miniatures review part 1

Painted : 84 / 150


  1. Can you show us a comparison with your other dwarves in one of your next posts?
    This one looks great indeed!


    1. Yes , that is a great idea and as soon as my 9 MOM Miniatures Dwarfs are finished ( currently on my table ) I will do that. Compare them with my other Dwarf Warriors and Ironbreakers ( they look a lot like Ironbreakers ).


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