Wednesday, April 22, 2015

MOM Miniatures Review ( part 1 )

Only 7 days ago I ordered miniatures from MOM Miniatures ( a Spanish company ).

My order was 20 Dwarf Warriors and 2 x 10 extra shields ( for conversions of other Dwarfs ).
Here is a little review of their Dwarf Warriors. 

But first I have to tell that I got these miniatures within 5 days after purchasing ! That's a very fast delivery ! Something other companies ( their names will not be told at this point ) should take notice of ! 
So that's 10 / 10 for shipping !

But with no further interruption. Here they are : 
20 Dwarf Warriors from MOM Miniatures :

When I opened the bags, I was pleasantly surprised to count 21 Dwarf Warrior , 22 shields and 25 Weapons to choose from. 
So 11 / 10 for the extra's !

And now lets talk prices. I paid 20 euros for 20 Dwarf warriors, 3 euro for 1 package of 10 extra shields. That's only 1 euro / miniature. Which company can offer that? I tell you NONE !
So 10 / 10 for pricing !

I immediately cleaned one Dwarf for testing them. I cut away the surplus and scraped it a bit with my hobby knife. Then I cleaned it further with my toothbrush for a minute and it was ready ! No nasty mold lines !
So 10 / 10 for cleaning the miniature and Quality !

And now it is ready to get painted.
I primed it white.

 See the finished result in the second half of the review !

And for now their are already 4 huge reasons to give this company a chance !
They also have other races like Elves , Chaos and more ...


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