Wednesday, March 11, 2015

First High Elves Ellyrian Reaver finished !

Today I finished the first High elves Ellyrian Reaver.
This will become a group of 5 from the Island of Blood Box.
I used the usual color-scheme for my High Elves and added the blue, which I also used with the Prince on Griffon and some Mages.
I've painted the halves separately and glued the halves together when they were finished.
Unfortunately there's still a very small gap where the model does not fit properly.

Painted : 63 / 150


  1. If you don't paint the halfs separately, there are some places you can't paint. So you did a good choice. Can't you fill up the gap with some filler and do some retouches?
    Great painted figure! Better as I did mine!


    1. Thank you Peter ! The problem with the gap has worked itself out. I pulled the model apart again ( bad glue ) and added other glue and pushed it harder together and the problem was fixed.
      I like yours a lot, it was the reason ( inspiration ) I started these and not my Silverhelms.


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