Sunday, July 20, 2014

Paint Table Saturday 37th edition !

Paint Table Saturday 37th edition !

This week was not productive for me as the temperature is to high here to paint ( 30+ degrees ).
I managed to finish 6 Dwarf warriors ( based and all ).
The others will have to wait until the temperature drops, so the paint does not dry on my brush after a second.

Since I have bought 3 more sets of Dwarfs of 'Battle for skull pass'. 
So with the 2 sets, already painted, the total is 5 sets of warriors, thunderers & miners. I'm running out of ideas for converting. 
So all ideas are welcome !
So far i have 2 thunderers groups & planning to have 2 Quarrellers groups ( conversion at Paint Table Saturday 35 part 2 ). 
So i need one more idea for the Thunderers , 3 for the miners & 2 for warriors.

Hope you had a great weekend !
Mine was too hot !

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