Saturday, July 5, 2014

Paint Table Saturday 35th edition !

Paint Table Saturday 35th edition !

I've managed to buy some second hand Dwarfs from the battle for skull pass box.
( 12 warriors , 8 miners , 10 thunderers , cannon + crew , thane & slayer )
This is my third set of these Dwarfs & I converted them with bitz from the Ironbreakers box ( shields & standard ) and the Hammerers box ( hamer & axe-blades ).
I kept these warriors simple ( 4th set of Battle for skull pass Dwarfs also bought ).
Weapons are the same, just bigger axes
& diffrent shields. 
And of course a hero , musician and standardbearer to match.
This is my second conversion of these warriors ( first ones with flails ).
Next up : painting !

Does anyone have converting idea's for the thunderers & miners ?


  1. Is there many options to convert the Thunderers or Miners?
    With how the Thunderers are holding their weapons, they could only be converted to hold crossbows, or a strange double-handed axe weapon, I think. The miners are possibly more difficult. Could they be converted to carry spears or big axes or hammers? (miners sometimes use sledgehammers, so they could still be miners ~ but with hammers instead of pickaxes).
    I am sure you will think of something cool :)

    1. Thank you very much Roy for the suggestions !
      I will make it work like usual ...


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