Thursday, May 1, 2014

Dwarf Hammerers finished !

Today I finished the rest of my Dwarf Hammerers.
It took me quiet a wile to finish them , because of all the details. 
But I'm very proud to present my Hammerers :

Don't hesitate to tell me what you think.
All comments , tips & tricks are welcome.
There is always room to improve !

I also welcome a new follower : 

Fred Jackson ( no visible blog )

Painted : 56 / 125 


  1. They look excellent Mario! Great choice of colours you've used, and I love the command group.

  2. You can be proud ! they are excellent !
    I love the colours too.

  3. Lovely work, Mario!

    The colour palette is particularly good; you've given them a rich set of tones without overwhelming them. Excellent work!


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