Saturday, May 24, 2014

Paint Table Saturday 29th edition !

Paint Table Saturday 29th edition !

There is much to see on my table ... 
First I'm still working on Grimm Burloksson. Don't know all the colors yet ...
Second I'm working on 10 Quarrellers. The body's are 90% done, just highlighting.
Third I prepared Freya Fangbreaker from the Reaper Bones collection.
And last but not least, my other creatures from Reaper Bones collection :
From the left Vanja the Fire Giant Queen then Darkrasp, Evil priest then Fire Giant Bodyguard then Skorg Ironskull, Fire Giant & a Minotaur.
I'm planning to use the 3 Fire Giants as Titans (Giants) for my Dwarf army. 
They have a Dwarf look & are big eye-catchers. 

Have a great weekend !


  1. Hola
    Buena colección de enanos ,me gustan
    Estaré a tentó a mas avances
    u saludo

  2. look forward to seeing the Dwarfs Mario

    1. Me too ! I'm a bit of a Dwarf-o-holic lately ...


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