Saturday, May 31, 2014

Dwarf Quarrelers finished !

Yesterday I finished my Dwarf Quarrellers.

Yes I know, it looks like I have a Dwarf addiction at the moment. 
Last year it was Tau.
It took me longer as foreseen but they are finished now !
Here are some pictures : 

Painted : 96 / 125

Like you see, I'm almost at my painting goal of this year.
Only 29 miniatures to go and 7 month's to do it !
Didn't think it would be so easy this year...


  1. Hola
    Que buenos si señor
    un saludo

  2. They look superb. Time for a round of Bugman's finest?

  3. I haven't checked your progress on your Dwarves for a few weeks (been very busy). Like everyone I love how you have painted them, and the colours you have used. Well done, Mario : )


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