Sunday, September 15, 2013

Dwarf Miners Regiment

Yesterday evening I finished my new Dwarf Miners Regiment. I'm selling my old Dwarf miniatures because i fell out of love for this army. But i think this was because they were one of the first army's i painted & then my painting skills were limited. Now 5 years later i painted these Dwarfs and I'm falling in love again with this army. So i decided to paint a Dwarf army once again. But this time with more skill & the same color scheme for a regiment. 

Here some pictures : 

My old Dwarfs for comparison:

My new Dwarf Miners Regiment with command group : 

The Paints I've used : 
Skin & Hair
 Candles & gloves , bags , shoes & handles
 Shirt & weapon & base

 Painted : 77 / 100

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