Sunday, January 10, 2021

W.I.P. : January : Week 1

Welcome to the first W.I.P. post of the year. 

So another year has started and I'm going for a new plan of attack. At the start of every month I'm choosing 20 miniatures / projects per month. This month I chose 6 Night Goblin Fanatics , 2 Tau Tiger Shark AX 1-0 Fighter-Bombers and 12 Scenery pieces. The Night Goblins and the Tau miniatures are from my massive W.I.P. pile that got started over the years , but the scenery pieces are new projects. This will be the mix I'm going for every month , with probably some exceptions. Slowly reducing my massive W.I.P. pile.

An early start to attempt to reach more goals this year. I'm going for the 'paint more than 10 scenery pieces' first. It's almost reached , as I only have to base 11 pieces to complete them. 

And some nice progress on the other mini's. The Night Goblins are almost done. One Tau Fighter and the bases are finished on the Aeronautica Imperialis mini's. Just purple and blue has to be applied to the other one.

That's it for this first W.I.P. post. See you all next week for an update.


  1. Well done Mario!
    We particularly like the decorations!
    You have to take pictures of it up close!

    1. Thank you very much L'Empereur !
      I will post close up's when they are based and finished. Hopefully before the end of the week.