Sunday, April 26, 2020

Paint Table Saturday 338th edition !

Paint Table Saturday 338th edition !
 Welcome to paint table 338 !

I'll start with the only finished model of this week :
Seraphon : Saurus Oldblood :
On to the paint table.
I switched paint tables as I didn't feel the Elves anymore.
I've built the other 15 Chaos Warriors (Test models) and started base-coating. But as all my black spray cans are empty now , I'll have to do the rest with the airbrush. 
And three other models that get some paint.
The Tyrant , Elf and Dwarf.

That's it for this paint table !
See you all next week and stay safe !


  1. Bad news to have not enought stuff at this moment... hope all will be soon beter to buy missing paint !
    We have a big stockage... Imperial Stockage that is really usefull today !
    Can't wait to see your women painted... especially the elf one ! :D :D :D

    1. Paint enough , only the black spray-can is empty. But I fixed that with the airbrush ! There is always a way...
      Me too , but I still haven't made more progress on her.

  2. Those Chaos Warriors look very promising!


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