Thursday, July 26, 2018

Mantic : Terrain Crate : Treasury W.I.P

 I finished these today. Half of Mantic's Terrain Crate : Treasury.
This is only half of the Treasury box.

The Treasury box contains : 2 x pile of gold with chest , 2 x pile of gold with small coffers , 2 x pile of chests & paper , 2 x Armour & weapons pile , 2 x pillar , 2 x pillow with crown , 2 x sword in stone , 2 x small pile of gold with vase ( I think ) , 2 x small pile of gold with box , 2 x cup & plate and 2 x purse of gold.
The big piles of gold will get a base as soon as they come in (didn't have that size).
And I also need to make more floor to cover the bases with my Flagstone rolling pin from Green Stuff World !
Not sure if I painted the blue vase like object right. I saw a vase in it , but if I'm wrong ... Please tell me !
 And here I combined 4 objects of the box to make 1 more special base.
I love the set & will paint the other half at a later date. I'm also getting another one ( Terrain Crate : Dungeon Debris ) soon. That is if my local Gaming shop Oberonn have a box still in stock.

That's it for now ... on to the next project !

Painted in 2018 : 125


  1. Oberonn, isn't that in Hasselt?
    Looks great, lots of uses for RPGs and other games as well. I'm thinking of picking them up for Burrows and Badgers.

    1. Yes , Oberonn is in Hasselt ( Belgium for not Belgians ). Do you come there ? Than we could have seen one and other there , but didn't knew it.
      Thank you very much for your comment Wouter !

  2. Those terrain pieces look great ... so much detail!


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