Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Dwarfs : Zeppelin Ship W I P

 After the fiasco on Saturday I asked Mom miniatures for help & got the answer : Super Glue GEL ! !!
And it works !
I have glued the balloon , the ship to the cloud & both pieces of the ship together & 2 pillars that support the balloon. The balloon isn't glued yet to the pillars and the 2 sides of the ship are also not glued as I want to fit them better together ( little problem caused by my berserk action on Saturday ).

I've set it aside now to dry for 24 hours. Tomorrow I'll glue the other parts in place ( that are seen on the picture ) & I'm almost there !


  1. No fiasco today, so happy to look at this!

    1. Yes & me too ! Thank you very much Phil !


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