Thursday, October 19, 2017

High Elves : Swordmasters of Hoeth 4 finished !

 I managed to finish the second group of 5 Swordmasters to complete this group.
These are the old metal ones. This is the first group of these and I have another group of these metal ones to complete at a later date.
With full command : Musician , Standard-bearer and Champion.
 I really love these miniatures ( Swordmasters ) as this is the 4th group of them that I finish.
And I have lots more , both plastic & metal.
Painted so far : 208


  1. Great work my friend! I always love these edition of Swordmasters:)

  2. Elfs and dwarves ..... all you need are humans and the fantasy trio is complete ;) Nice work as usual Mario

    1. Thank you very much Kuan ! They're all on the paint table : Elfs , Dwarfs & Bretonnians.


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