Saturday, April 22, 2017

Paint Table Saturday 181th edition !

Paint Table Saturday 181th edition !
Welcome to paint table 181 ! 
 Only little progress on the High Elves Spearmen & Archers. Not yet begun on the bunny + rider.
I got distracted by this awesome guy from MOM miniatures ( Kankros Devoramundos ) and the little guy ( Kazar Khan ).
I got my order ( Dwarves , Elves , Chaos , Empire ) this week and couldn't wait to start him ! MOM miniatures has some awesome mini's , be sure to check them out.
And a second order arrived this week from Green Stuff World. Rolling Pins to make your own decorations on bases. I went for the Temple , Runic & Dark Runes rolling pins for starters... but I have a funny feeling it will not be the last ones I'll order ! I had to much fun making these tests !
Temple ; Ideal for Knight themed army's ( Bretonnia , Empire , etc )
Runic : Ideal for Dwarven or Celtic army's 
Dark Runes : Do I need to say it ... it screams CHAOS !

So that's what I did for this week.
See you at the next paint table !


  1. What a fantastic demon model! Huge and powerful :)
    Great idea with this textures rollin pin. Effect is awesome!

  2. A spectacular demon...waiting for next step!


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