Tuesday, April 18, 2017

A sort of paint table ... High Elves W.I.P.

 New project on the horizon...
20 old High Elves Spearmen , 20 old High Elves archers and an Elf on Bunny from Ax Faction.
 10 of each elves mounted on my home made holders. ( pearl tubes (from my lovely wife) filled with colored sand ) The other 20 are for later when these are painted as I only have 22 ish holders.


  1. Trust me, that I love this classic high elves. These shields!

    1. Me too , I like them more than the newer versions of the Spearmen + Archers.
      Witch I also have , but didn't make so far...

    2. oh yees. I agree. The last version of spearmen is not cool. Too bad they did not make new releases - like Seagurds

    3. Yes , those Seaguards are very cool models , as well as all high elves models from the Island of blood box ( Spire of Dawn ). My personal favorites are the Swordmasters of Hoeth.


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