Saturday, March 18, 2017

Paint Table Saturday 176th edition !

Paint Table Saturday 176th edition !
 Welcome to paint table 176 !
I'm still working on the Black Guard Elves.
5 more bodies to highlight silver & then that's finished.
I also need to highlight the faces ( Champion + dead heads ) & make the bases and then they're finished. No progress on the Chaos Lord. ( Still deciding what color to paint him in. Red , blue , green or red?)
5 Almost completely finished ( except for the facial highlight & the bases ). These 4 + the test model.
I hope to finish them tomorrow and start the next group.

I also calculated all measurements for my Dwarf ship project.
To enlarge the Dreadfleet Dwarf Ship Grimnir's Thunder (+/- 7cm long) to a 33cm long one with some modifications. No submarine part , but replaced with a changeable deck with either Dwarf troops or cargo. I just need to figure out how to make the shape of the front of the ship and then the project can start !

I also decided to have more challenges. As they seem to motivate me to paint more.
These are the challenges that will be seen here in the near future (one challenge / month ): 
- All female challenge (painting 40 mini's)
- Cavalry challenge (painting 20 mounted mini's or chariots)
- Army challenge (painting 40 mini's of one army)
- Super Dungeon Explore challenge (painting 20 or more mini's / depending on they're size)
- Box challenge (painting all (remaining)mini's of one big box (example : Warhammer Quest Silver Tower))

If you know of fun challenges or tips for building the Dwarf ship or whatever ... leave a comment ... or just for the fun of it ... all is welcome !

That's it for this edition of the paint table.
Until next week !


  1. These Dark Elves unit will be great! Fantastic colours!

  2. Excellent painting, and this standard is very impressive Mario...

  3. You're definitely making good progress!


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