Wednesday, March 29, 2017

High Elves Phoenix Guards finished !

 The High Elves Phoenix Guard are finally finished !
It was a hard nut to crack for me , but I made it. Another 10 mini's finished and adding to my display cabinets. They're doing their name justice , guarding my Phoenix
 Standard bearer , musician & champion
"Until one has witnessed the Phoenix Guard upon the field of battle, one cannot comprehend the power that they possess. Ranks of highly trained warriors all utterly silent. Around them the very air shimmers. They are not just the guardians of a temple, they are the chosen warriors of a mighty Elven god. No spoken word commands them, yet each knows his place within the battle plan. They do not baulk before even the vilest horrors of the world. It is said that each knows the moment he will die, and I believe it, for they face the maelstrom of battle with unflinching resolve. Who but one of utterly convinced of his survival, or demise, could face a hail of arrows, or a charge from some unspeakable monster without flinching? The horrors and the wonders they must have seen, these Phoenix Guard. How I wish they would only speak of it to mortals not gifted with such foresight."
Painted so far : 65


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