Sunday, February 19, 2017

Paint Table Saturday 172th edition !

Paint Table Saturday 172th edition !
 Welcome to paint table 172 !
Paint Table Saturday 172 comes with a challenge for myself. Painting 56 miniatures from now until the end of March to boost my painting numbers to a level of last year. It sounds a bit much but I'm gonna try to complete the challenge I've set for myself.
The 56 miniatures are :
- 12 Chaos warriors ( Slaves to Darkness )
- 10 Black Guards ( former Dark Elves who will join my High Elves )
- 10 Phoenix Guards ( High Elves )
- 10 Longbeards ( Dwarfs )
- 10 Ironbreakers ( Dwarfs )
And the Dwarf Grudge thrower with crew.
I'm currently choosing the parts I'm going to use and preparing them for priming. Some parts are assembled and most aren't. So I can have better access to reach everything when using the airbrush to get a head start. 
12 Chaos warriors & 10 Longbeards done. Ready for priming.
Currently preparing Phoenix Guard ... 7 to go ...
And the Grudge thrower prepared at an earlier time.

That's it for this weeks paint table.
Hopefully painting at the next paint table ! See you then ! 


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