Sunday, September 18, 2016

Paint Table Saturday 150th edition !

Paint Table Saturday 150th edition !
Welcome to paint table 150 !

Not much to report with recent events this week. With KMK Scaleworld at Sunday , my birthday on Monday & a little vacation from Tuesday until Saturday there is not much to report on the painting front.
Nothing happened with the Chaos Archaon on horse , the Chaos lord nor the Tau flyer.
I did start a new project : Dwarf Giant from MOM miniatures.
So far I painted the silver and washed it with black.
 That's it for now...
Until the next post !
I hope you had a great weekend !


  1. Wooooow! Great looking new minis! Waiting for a dwarf :)

    1. The Dwarf will be the first one to get finished. No surprise there :)

  2. interesante la figura del enano
    atento seguiré
    un saludo


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