Saturday, August 27, 2016

Paint Table Saturday 147th edition !

Paint Table Saturday 147th edition !
Welcome to paint table 147 !
Not much happened as we are experiencing a heatwave here this week. From 35 to 40 degrees with a +/- 70% humidity.
I tried to airbrush a few times but had to stop as the airbrush keeps spitting water. I've ordered a moisture trap and a shorter air hose ( + made of a different material ) to deal with this issue. I had this issue since the move as here is more moisture , but not as much as now. 

Fist the Khorgorath (2th). Airbrushed him in the same colors as the Ogroid Thaumaturge and washed with red tone wash from Armypainter.
 The Deamon Prince , Archaon on horse & Chaos Lord : primed black with white highlights.
Archaon horse : played with some red to create fire manes.

I hoped to finish these in August , but the weather decided otherwise.
As next week could be the same weather...

I hope you have a great ( cooler ) weekend !


  1. oh, yes! a lot of great chaos minis incoming!

  2. Hola
    Buena mesa de pintura tienes
    Un Saludo

  3. I'm assuming that with an airbrush you are going to churn out painted minis at an even faster rate! Looking forward to it!

    1. I'm using the airbrush for a few years now and it makes it a bit faster. But the details cost the most work and are done by hand / brush. But my airbrush set up was not the best one, I learned resently. We'll see how the new parts turn out.


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