Wednesday, August 10, 2016

High Elves Seaguard finished !

Yesterday I finished these 10 High Elves Seaguards.
They are painted in a light turquoise with some pink accents to match the rest of the army from the Island of blood box.
Standard-bearer , champion & musician.
Regular Seaguards. 
Based & magnetized.
In a next post I will show pictures of the entire High Elves army from the Island of Blood box.

Painted : 150 / 200


  1. Hola
    Mira que ya te lo e dicho pero no me cansare,no me gustan los orejitas de punta,pero tu as sacado una MARAVILLA de pintura de esas figuras,perfecto
    un saludo

    1. Hola
      Thank you very very much for your visit & comment J.D.
      Un saludo


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