Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Fyreslayers : 5 Vulkite Bezerkers + Rune-Father & Son finished !

Fyreslayers : 5 Vulkite Berzerkers
Today I finished 5 Vulkite Berzerkers & a Rune-Father & Son.
Some close-up's from the Berzerkers.
The Vulkite Berzerkers box is finished now. 
I made 5 of them with double axes and 5 with axes and shields.
Rune-Father (left) & Son (right).
I also finished the Rune-Father & son today. These are from the second Magmadroth box (the unfinished one).
I magnetized the bottoms so I can swap Father & Son from base to riding the beast.
Father and below Son on base.
Painted : 107 / 200

Still on the table 5 Fyreslayers Heartguard.
At the halve-way point of this month & Challenge , I'm at 27 mini's painted / finished.
13 Left with 5 for 40% done.

More at the next post...


  1. Nice, nice, so many nice figures!

  2. Hola
    MAGNIFICO si señor
    Me gusta lo que as echo a estos matadores enanos
    un saludo

    1. Hola Amigo J.D.
      Thank you very much for your visit & comment !
      Un saludo

  3. Very impressive work Mario. Your dwarves look better and better with each new squad/army.

  4. Great painted figures and very smart to magnetize those two figures, so you can switch them from standing to riding!



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