Thursday, January 15, 2015

High Elves Eagle finished !

The day before yesterday I started in the evening on this High Elves Eagle.
It is the eagle from the High Elves Lothern Skycutter box witch i bought on ebay ( i didn't need the rest , just the bird ). 
Yesterday i finished the eagle in the usual color-scheme for the High Elves. I used the airbrush to paint the brown feathers. The rest and all highlights is done by brush.
And today i finished the base and magnetized the bird.

Painted : 8 / 150


  1. Great work! Both the painting and basing is excellent.

  2. beautiful !!! and excellent base too!
    I really like the colours !

  3. Beautifully painted, and with lots of fine detail! The base is great, and adds lots of life to the miniature :) Greetings!

  4. Very impressive! Gorgeous base!

  5. Hola
    Muy buena si señor,al ave y la base,muy lograda
    un saludo

  6. Excellent! The bird and the base! Wonderfull to look at! Just love it!
    For me this can't be painted better as you did Mario! Masterclass!


  7. Thank you very much Peter ! I think this is one of my best work along side the Prince on Griffon. And I still want to improve my painting skill. But i'm running out of ways to do so ... I was thinking on buying some master painters dvd , but they're so expensive. And airbrushing lessons are even more expensive ... Money does not grow on trees unfortunately :)

    I'm looking forward to your next project !


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