Sunday, January 11, 2015

Bretonnnian Archers

2 Bretonnian archers finished !
The Bretonnian army will be a mix of colors. I'm planning to give every knight a different color-scheme and also give him a few archers & men of war to assist him. I'm starting with 2 of each. When they're all done i will see what direction i will go. Create more with the same colors or create more & different color-schemes. Or stop and keep it small. The men at arms are ordered ( small Christmas present ) and hopefully soon in my possession , just as the Pegasus knight !
The beginnings of a small army and when or if I like it may become more ...  

Painted : 6 / 150


  1. Very nice, love the blue and yellow mix of colors...

  2. Hola
    Buenos esos arqueros
    un saludo

  3. I've seen your recomment in the previous post and now here again. I find it a good idea to do so! I'm sure you will create a wonderfull colourfull army! And these two are a very good start!
    What were your goals for 2015? *big grin*


    1. Thank you Peter ! I know Peter , but the order was placed in 2014 , .... Excuses ... excuses .. I know .. :)

  4. These are great! The blue/yellow pattern is perfect! Greetings!


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