Friday, October 24, 2014

Some more historical Perry miniatures : French troops

Yesterday I finished 3 Perry miniatures : french troops.
They are painted in a different ( didn't see it until they were finished ) tone of grey as the rest of the long-coated french troops.
( I forgot to write down the color I used last time )
But I'm liking the diversity of grey tones. 

And a group picture of all the Perry miniatures french troops that are already painted. 
15 in total.
Not as much as I would like but we're getting there...

When you have as many miniatures & army's as I have, then there will be project that get pushed back or even forgotten.

So these 3 miniatures are the last to make a total of 200 miniatures already for this year with still 2 moths to go. 
This is the biggest number of miniatures I painted in one year so far.
( 2011 : +/- 125 , 2012 : +/- 80 , 2013 : 125 )
I'm not going to increase the limit again like last time ( from 125 to 200 ).
But I will slowly move forward and see where we'll end for this year.

Painted : 200 / 200


  1. The grey is not a problem Mario! Lot of different shades of colour in that time. You can even paint these with brown coates! They look fantastic all together!


    1. Thank you very much Peter ! Nice to know it's still historical correct. :)


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