Saturday, September 27, 2014

Paint Table Saturday 47th edition !

Paint Table Saturday 47th edition !

My contribution to the Paint Table. The High Elves Mage from the Island of Blood box.
I've been working on him since Tuesday.
I used the same color-scheme as the rest and added more colors.
The green for the cloak to stay in touch with their nature side.
The purple for the spirit cloud he floats on.
And the red and blue flasks : life & mana potions.

I hope you have a great weekend !

Painted : 185 / 200


  1. Brilliant choice of colours, and nicely painted. The white looks so smooth and clean ~ I hate painting white clothes, I can't paint white :(

    1. Thank you very much Roy ! I also hate painting white , but I have to say : the more I do it , the better it goes.
      The secret is to thin the paint and add more layers.


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