Saturday, September 6, 2014

Paint Table Saturday 44th edition !

Paint Table Saturday 44th edition !

Today I'm working on some Island of Blood High Elves Sword Masters of Hoeth.
I finished the test miniature for the color-scheme, but I still need to finish the base.

I've painted some High Elves before and never got it quite the way that I wanted.
Now I'm proud to present the start of this army.
The main colors are White , silver and gold. The pink will change into other colors for other groups.
What can I say , I love diversity. Examples can be found in all my army's. ( Tau , Dwarves , ... )

Have a great weekend !


  1. Hola
    Buenos esos elfos
    Y me gusta el esquema de colores elegido

  2. The colour scheme works really well, and I'm loving how you've painted the pink.


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