Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Dwarf Hammerers ... The beginning ...

Today I started on the Dwarf Hammerers.

I finished the first one to see how this color-scheme works.
And I'm very happy with my choice of colors.
These heavy armored Dwarfs are an expansion of my army. And yet an army on themselves.
I intend to create some different Dwarf clans/groups.
(Beserkers , heavy armored Dwarfs from the Ironhills ) 
See for yourself :

The rest (9) are about to follow. 
So Nokajagerin is on hold for a bit longer (few...).

Painted : 47 / 125


  1. Nice figures ! I must try to paint with bright colours ! (that's what I say each time I see such paint job !)

  2. Thank you very much Sam !

  3. Totally agree with Sam Wise =)

    Loving the brightness of the bronze, with the contrasting darker metal. The ginger beard and the pinkish hammer are superb. I also love the crystal you've added to the base.



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